Our company has started to produce the fiberglass parts of the bus in 2003. by producing different products in 2009 increased the diversity of products and production. In 2011, the ready-molding Bmc / smc raw materials began to produce composite materials. From the day we started production in the industrial zone ikitelli esenler industrial sites so far we have been serving our customers.

Our company; Industry also experienced in our country and the world and all the innovations
closely follow the development, quality of service, is to keep yourself open to continuous innovation and product diversity.

Some sectors that we produce are listed below; related infrastructure; manholes, storm water grates, manhole cover, border elements.

Environment in the regulation; flower beds, fences, benches, children's play equipment.

The automotive industry; fiber from the vehicle front and rear bumpers, lower housing and security for private production bulletproof plates.

The construction industry; Forms laying fiber from the tray mold.

The energy sector; wind turbine blades are made primarily manufacturing industries and products.

Future production according to the demand of our customers specialized products are made.

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