Outdoor Fiber Composite Concrete Tennis Table

 Outdoor Fiber Composite Concrete Tennis Table





· Designed for outdoor. Fiber is made of concrete materials. It can be easily repaired if damaged.

· Thanks applied on the gelcoat has a smooth surface.

· On UV gel coat is applied to the high strength material, solar, affected by natural phenomena such as rain.

· Width: 152 cm Height: 274 cm Ground clearance: 76 cm and is manufactured according to the standards.

· 23 cm when it is bouncing tennis ball dropped from a height of 30 cm.

· File and fixing parts, screws, nuts are manufactured with stainless steel or equivalent materials.

· It is anchored to the floor put the table.

· Weight Table 400/420 kg between.

· Blue or green colors are available for the surface of the table. Feet are produced in the granite color. You need to give the color information before production.

· The edge of the white line of the table is at least 2 cm.

Playing Table Tennis for You 10 Reasons:

- It is a sport where you can have fun while you play

- Socialization allows

- There is no obstacle for you to play table tennis. You can play anywhere and at any age.

- Hand - eye coordination improves

- Competition improves the sense of defeat and the defeat of psychology

- When applied with proper technique and warm, the risk of injury is very low compared to many sports.

- You can apply throughout the year. In both in the public areas indoors.

- Religion, language, race, regardless of the sport you can play with anyone

- Varies from person to person by a one-hour table tennis game together with 300 - 400 calories you can spend.

- Gives agility and mobility.